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How We Recycle Junk

How do we Recycle Your Junk?

Recyclemyjunk.ca chooses to use only responsible recycling disposal facilities. All items picked up by our trucks are recycled or disposed of in the following way:


Wood including construction debris, green waste and wood furniture is separated then broken down and taken to the wood chipper for recycling.


Metal is separated and delivered to our metal recycling partners for recycling.


Both drywall and concrete are recycled at reputable recyclers.

Construction Debris

The material in Construction loads varies at each site or at each stage of construction. We train our team to sort and recycle all wood, metal, drywall, concrete/tile, debris, and separate the remaining small amount of non-recyclable waste.


Large and small electronics are taken to a government certified recycler for recycling.


Large appliances are taken to a metal recycler for recycling.


Paper, cardboard and books are taken to local paper recyclers.

Mattresses & Box springs

All mattresses and box springs are recycled by a reputable recycler.

Reusable furniture

Furniture in reusable condition is donated to thrift stores and charities.


Sofas, carpets, food waste, soiled fabrics, and other non-recyclables are taken to government certified transfer stations.

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